GeTui IPO Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


Mar. 25th 2019, the IPO of Zhejiang Daily Interaction Network Technology Co. Ltd (hereinafter abbreviated as “GeTui”) was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Mr. Cui Hongjun, Vice President of Citi Orient Securities (hereinafter abbreviated as “COS”) attended the listing ceremony and delivered a speech on behalf of the company. As the sponsor and main underwriter of this IPO project, COS has been highly recognized by the issuer, local government, regulators and other intermediary agencies.

COS sent a professional team to serve GeTui and provided innovative solutions in the process of declaration and issuance. At the meantime, COS supported the issuer to communicate with the regulators with high efficiency for several times and helped regulators to better understand and accept the new economy and new business format. With the efforts of COS and other intermediary agencies, GeTui was so lucky to become the first internet enterprise which got CSRC’s approval on its IPO in recent one and half years.

(1) Type of Issuance: Initial Public Offerings
(2) Stock Code: 300766
(3) Issuing Amount: 40.1 million A Share
(4) Issuing Price: RMB 13.08 per share
(5) Fundraising Scale: RMB 525 million

GeTui is a professional service provider of data intelligence. In early years, the company focused on providing third-party push technology services for mobile application developers. In business practice, an ecosystem closed-loop of data intelligence service with data accumulation, management and application has been constructed. It became a new economy with cross-integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and rapidly developed into a unicorn of big data industry. The company's customers include many mainstream internet applications, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Sina Blog, NetEase News, Didi Travel,,, Dianping, Meituan, Kuaishou, etc. With its focus on "data intelligence" and innovation, the company continuously promotes the integration of digital economy and real economy, and helps to improve the vertical websites.