Citi Orient Was Awarded the "Golden Sail IPO IB Prize 2018”

Oct. 17th, sponsored by 21st Century Business Herald, the 21st Century International Financial Summit was held in Shenzhen with the aim of discussing the industry trend based on Chinese capital market. Meanwhile, the organizer conducted the appraisal of 21st Century Financial Golden Sail Award which is one of the most authoritative and influential awards in domestic capital market. The appraisal was based on objective public data, supported by independent and strict evaluation system, to sort out the active companies in domestic capital market and select the outstanding financial institutions and listed companies. Citi Orient was awarded the "Golden Sail IPO IB Prize 2018” for its excellent performance in equity capital market.

In 2018, the IPO projects sponsored by Citi Orient such as Xianhe Corp., Anglikang Pharmaceutical, Huide Science and Technology were successfully passed the review of CSRC. Among them, Xianhe Corp. is one of the largest special paper production enterprises in China. Xianhe Corp. passed the review of CSRC in Feb. 2018 and the IPO passing rate in Jan & Feb this year was only 40.3%. Citi Orient had helped Xianhe Corp. to successfully pass the review under high pressure and got good reputation in the market; Anglikang Pharmaceutical’s business is mainly focused on the research, production and sales of chemical raw materials and preparations. Their products mainly cover the field of anti-infective, cardiovascular, digestive system, urinary system, etc. Anglikang Pharmaceutical IPO is the first project launched in the background of two invoices system and generic drug consistency evaluation in pharmaceutical industry.

In sponsor business, Citi Orient has always been keeping strict control, making close study of the industry and business of corporate clients and carrying out professional and systematic due diligence and pre-listing guidance to help clients realize further improvement in financial accounting, standardized operation, corporate governance, etc. Up to now, Citi Orient has kept the 100% IPO passing rate for three consecutive years. In the future, Citi Orient will continue to help clients get maximized premium issuance and escort clients in the capital market.