Citi Orient Won Prizes in “China Excellent Investment Banks Appraisal 2018”

On April 20th, sponsored by the Securities Times, the forum with the theme of “China Investment Banks Create Value” and the award ceremony of “China Excellent Investment Banks Appraisal 2018” was held in Xiamen. Nearly 200 guests from financial regulators, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, securities companies and banks participated the forum.

During the forum, speakers delivered keynote speeches with the themes of “Opportunities and Challenges in Serving Real Economy and Investment Banking Business in New Era”, “Urban Commercial Banks’ Financial Service for Science and Technology, Cultural and Creative Industries, and Its Service Practice in Capital Market”. In the panel discussion, experts discussed topics such as “Reaction to Equity Financing Market Changes in A Share”, “Challenges and Opportunities for Commercial Banks in Investment Banking Business”, etc. Mr. Cui Hongjun, Vice President of Citi Orient Securities, joined the panel discussion.

In this year’s “China Excellent Investment Banks Appraisal”, Citi Orient was awarded prize of “Excellent Poverty-Relief Bond Underwriter in China 2018”. In 2017, Citi Orient’s leading underwriting amount reached RMB 95.711 billion, ranking the first among all the joint-ventured securities companies. As the exclusive underwriter, Citi Orient successfully issued the first poverty-relief bond in China by leveraging the financing advantages of the capital market, made the good use of market mechanism, met local demand of poverty relief with personalized plan, strengthen the endogenous motivation of economic development in poverty-stricken area and received good reputation from business partners.

In addition, Citi Orient also won two more individual awards this year. Mr. Cui Hongjun, Vice President of Citi Orient Securities was awarded the title of “Top 10 Investment Bankers in China 2018” and Mr. Su Yuexing was awarded the title of “Top 10 Sponsor Representatives in China 2018”.

In the future, Citi Orient will further enhance its professionalism, meet clients’ diversified demands in capital market, help clients create value and realize their own value as well.